The Story of Kongoloko

We are two MCs from Goma, uniting people and places through music and fashion.  Inspired by the Congo and proudly made in Uganda, our clothes and sounds represent both the struggle and the hope of our shared communities.  Drawing upon the history, courage and spirit of our people, we work to celebrate the colour and vitality of the new generation as we move towards a place of peace and prosperity.  Our words do not forget the conflict, we share the stories of our forefathers, but we fuel our songs with positivity and pride.

We fight for ourselves, our families and our country, united as one.

Our fashion designs celebrate the style and imagination of the Congolese people.   Kitenge, the traditional fabric of the Congo, is famed across Africa and beyond for its quality and vibrancy. We choose the fabrics ourselves and work with talented tailors to ensure that each piece is unique.  Passionate about providing opportunities for people and sharing the platforms that we work so hard for, we support the people who support us, paying fair prices and helping them to develop their own businesses.   Together, we are building the foundations of a better future for the Congolese people by celebrating our culture and sharing it with people across the world.


From Congo to Kampala, our journey never stops.

When we are not working on our designs, we are writing and creating music in Uganda.  Our music is as intricate as the patterns we wear; we fuse traditional beats with the languages of Swahili, French and Lingala to produce songs that mirror the myriad of experiences we have had and the collected stories of our friends, family and global community.  In this way, our music speaks to everyone, echoing the human struggle for justice, freedom and equality.  Our words are raw; they will paint you a picture of the pain of the Congo, the blood that has been spilt and the lives that have been torn apart by conflict and greed.  But they will also speak of change, filling people with the love and energy to take hold of their futures and overcome the challenges that they face.

In this combined form of expression, music and fashion, we ultimately work for our community: It means everything to us. The collective power of a community is limitless; they inspire us and give us confidence and the belief that one day we will win the fight.  Whether it’s our people back in Goma or the people in Kampala who make us feel at home, we thank each and every one for the time, love and support that they provide us with.

We owe it to our community to create the change.

We hope you enjoy our sounds, our style and the Kongoloko vibe.

Blessed love,